João Costa Seco

Associate Professor

Software Systems

Country: Portugal

Affiliation: NOVA LINCS, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa


Phone: ext. 10752

Assistant Professor at DI FCT UNL, and member of the Software Systems group, and the PLASTIC research team. His main research focus is the design and implementation of software development tools that increase the correctness and productivity of the software industry. The main techniques applied are related to type systems, as light-weight verification mechanisms, easily incorporated into interpreters, compilers, and development environments. The work he develops ranges from semantic models supported in language-based techniques and type theory, to actual tools that are developed either in the academic setting, or in collaboration with industry. Two recent achievements worth highlighting are: * a POPL'13 paper on Behavioral Separation Type Discipline with Luís Caires, and * a US Patent Application (2012) together with Luís Caires and members of the OutSystems R&D team.