Matthias Knorr

Associate Professor

Inteligent Systems

Country: Germany

Affiliation: NOVA LINCS - FCT NOVA



Matthias Knorr is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science, NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA) since 2024, and before he was an Assistant Professor at the same institution since 2018. He is an integrated member of the research center NOVA Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics (NOVA LINCS), since 2015. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from NOVA (2011) and a Master in Computational Logic from Technische Universität Dresden and NOVA (2006). His research is developed in the area of Artificial Intelligence, focussing on the areas of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Semantic Web and Answer Set Programming. The main contributions of his work are on the efficient integration of knowledge expressed in ontologies and rules, using standardized languages on the Web, including the tool NoHR, the first such plugin for the ontology editor Protégé, the generalization of such integration to heterogeneous knowledge with streams, and main results on forgetting in Answer Set Programming, aiming to preserve the contents of a knowledge base with a more restricted language. He has published three book chapters and 66 papers in journals and international conference proceedings, many of them among the most prestigious in his scientific area. He received the Best Paper Award at the 17th Edition of the European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (JELIA 2021 - CORE A). Large part of his work has been developed within the research projects in which he actively participated, including RIVER (PTDC/CCI-COM/30952/2017), as Principal Investigator. Since 2001, he has taught 12 distinct courses, several of them as the main responsible for the course, and gave two distinct courses in prestigious summer schools. He has supervised 13 master's theses and co-supervised 3 master's theses in the industry. He has a large number of participations in PCs (including senior PCs) of the most prestigious conferences of his area, and he has participated in project evaluations in the Netherlands and in Chile. He co-organizes, since 2017, the editions of the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning track at the EPIA conference. He also has been a member of the Scientific Commission of the first-level degree (Licenciatura) in Computer Science at NOVA, and is a member of the Scientific Commission of the Master's degree and the integrated Master's degree in Computer Science at NOVA. In 2015, he was awarded the Prémio Científico IBM Portugal.